Why shopping small matters

This week has been small business week on my Instagram page, and I've used it to highlight some of the highs and lows of running a small business.

Having a supportive tribe of excellent friends and family and the small business dance I do when an order comes through are some of the great things, but I've also shared some realness about how hard it can be at times, and how small my margins are. Plus, sometimes putting yourself out there on Instagram day in, day out, feels like shouting into a void. It's a noisy place as it is, and it's hard to cut through that and keep sharing original and authentic content with your following. 

If you can afford to shop small from time to time it really does make a huge difference, and it also has positive knock on effects to other small businesses. For example:

  • I commission female artists to design the artworks for my clothes. 
  • I use a family-run factory in Portugal to make my clothes. 
  • I work with a fantastic female agent in Portugal who helps me source my fabric / printing houses etc. 
  • I work from home which benefits my local economy from the independent coffee shop to the post office - doors I don't want to see closing on my high street. 

Then there's my ethics and general approach to making my clothes which are always:

  • Made with organic cotton. 
  • Unique designs you won't find elsewhere. 
  • Unisex cuts in brilliant colours to excite and inspire your kids - no muted palettes or monochrome here. 
  • Made in small runs, in a factory that pays its workers fairly. 
  • Part of my zero landfill commitment - none of my clothes will ever end up in landfill. Promise. 
  • Sent in beautiful, bespoke recyclable packaging, with a handwritten (very sincere!) thank you from me to you. 

If you are shopping small from time to time you are doing so much more than you probably realise. Thank you thank you thank you.