Wilder Ones was born out of a desire to find cool, unisex clothes for my kids without compromise for either of them. When my daughter was 2 I found out I was expecting a son, so I started buying unisex clothes for my daughter to minimise waste, maximise wear, and to be as economical as possible. But buying unisex on the high street just meant buying boys’ clothes for her and I was sure there could be a world beyond primary colours, dinosaurs and trucks.

Wilder Ones celebrates the things that kids love and respond to – vibrant colours and cool patterns, all with added clash – because most kids I know embrace the ‘more is more’ approach to dressing, and if their clothes intentionally clash, then whatever outfit they throw on with my designs, they’ll never look mismatched again. The whole spectrum of colour is celebrated in my collection - the palettes and patterns don’t need to be just for the boys or just for the girls – they’re for everyone. 

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